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“Can we use our engineering skills to design our way out of the world’s problems?”

-- Megan Smith, general manager of, on setting its 2011 philanthropy budget at $45 million to help change lives through technology

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"Mobile app users are a fickle bunch: While they're willing to give new apps a try, 26 percent of the time, the apps never get a second shot." Sound familiar?"

  -- Devindra Hardawa,

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“The Android applications of LinkedIn, Netflix and Foursquare stored usernames and passwords in unencrypted form on their Google-powered devices. Storing that data in plain text violates a commonly accepted best practice in computer security. Since many people tend to use the same usernames and passwords across any number of sites, the failing could help hackers penetrate other accounts.”

-- The Wall Street Journal on Android apps’ cloud security risks

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“Do I want to Skype with my parents on our huge TV? Sure! Do I want people to interrupt my television watching with a phone call? Uh, no.”

-- Jenna Hatfield, a blogger weighing the pros and cons of the Consumer Electronics of America prediction that in 2014 consumers will purchase nearly 30 million Internet-connected televisions

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