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Best Sites and Twitter Feeds for Everything

Best Sites and Twitter Feeds for Everything

By Michelle Hainer

In our highly connected world -- in which you can plug into any television or device to get the latest -- it may seem difficult to know which are the best sites, shows and Twitter feeds for everything. One thing’s for sure: The 6 o’clock news is out. Who gives the goods on everything from what’s happening in Libya to who should win “The Bachelor” has changed quite a bit. You don’t have to have a hard news pedigree to be considered an expert anymore. (Case in point: Comedian Jon Stewart continues to get the nod as the most trusted newsman in America.)

Thanks to sites, blogs and social media, there are tons of self-proclaimed underground experts out there -- and many of them actually know what they’re talking about. Here’s a list of some of the best sites and Twitter feeds created by independent experts:

Best Sites for …

  • Gadgets:
    In addition to tech updates, this blog site also cleverly tackles topics like “10 Solutions to Life’s Most Annoying Problems” -- with useful tips!
  • Politics:
    A no-holds-barred look at the political landscape.
  • Moms:
    The original Mom Blogger, Dooce, tackles everything from her kids’ bad behavior, to college basketball scandals, to music reviews.

Best Twitter feeds for …

  • Sports: @langwhitaker
    He’s a writer at SLAM magazine, and reading his Twitter feed is like being courtside at the NBA.
  • Food: @poorgirlgourmet, @smittenkitchen, @thursday_girls
    When I’m in need of dinner inspiration, I look at what these tweeters have going on in their kitchens. They aren’t professional chefs; they’re food bloggers who post really fantastic recipes.

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Michelle Hainer blogs at MadeByMichelle.comand is a journalist whose articles have appeared in The Washington Post, Real Simple and other national publications.

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