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Every Day Connected Editorial Policy

About Us

Every Day Connected gives the digital generation all the tools they need to securely navigate cloud computing. A complete guide to today's online living, the program attracts a broad range of consumers who like to play, work, shop and socialize online.

Editorial Team

  • Courtney Macavinta is the managing editor of Every Day Connected. An award-winning technology journalist, she has written for, Red Herring, Inc., Business 2.0, The Washington Post and other publications.
  • Natalia Macrynikola is a group editor at Studio One Networks. She has worked on a variety of editorial programs, ensuring quality in content and style.
  • Tara Swords is a consumer and technology writer whose articles have appeared in the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post and other national publications.
  • Tom Dunlap is a freelance writer and editor based in Santa Cruz, Calif. He writes for a variety of print and online publications, including PC World and
  • Michelle Hainer is journalist whose articles have appeared in The Washington Post, Real Simple, In Style and other national publications. She blogs at Made By Michelle.
  • Jen Jones is a full-time freelance writer and author based in Los Angeles. She has written for The San Francisco Chronicle, Variety and MSN.
  • Julie D. Andrews is a New York-based writer and blogger. She covers social media for and, and her articles have appeared on, and


Editorial Policy

The information published on this program is produced independently by Studio One Networks or has been approved by the program’s managing editor after review. Content is written and edited by leading experts to ensure that only the most accurate information is published.

Studio One Networks follows accepted journalistic quality standards and principles in source selection and fact verification, and endorses ASME’s “ASME Guidelines for Editors and Publishers,” including “Best Practices for Digital Media.”



Studio One Networks does not mention the name or specific products of a given sponsor, although that sponsor’s product categories may be mentioned if they are relevant within editorial context.

Unless indicated, content contributors are not employed by or on retainer by the program’s sponsor. If a contributor is employed by or on retainer by the program’s sponsor, we agree to disclose this relationship in the biographical note on the page where that contributor appears.

In a Studio One program, you will see that some of our content, tools and links are labeled “From Our Sponsor”. This non-editorial content has not been reviewed by our editorial staff and is not subject to this editorial policy.

In such case that content be used on a sponsor’s Web site, it is done so with Studio One Networks permission.

Information provided by Every Day Connected should not be used as a substitute for professional health care. You should always consult your health professional before acting on any information seen here (or any other Web site).


About Studio One Networks

Studio One Networks is a privately owned media company that works with nationally known subject matter experts and top editors to create high-quality independent editorial content supported by corporate sponsors and syndicated across a variety of leading multimedia platforms.

For more information, visit Studio One Networks.


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