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Update Your Social Pages All at Once

By Tara Swords for Every Day Connected

Update Your Social Pages All at Once

If you use just one social media service, such as Facebook, updating your status is a simple, one-step process. But if you also post to other sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, you probably spend a lot of time posting the same update multiple times. Even if you prefer to post different updates to different networks, it’s still a pain to visit each individual site and log in.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of apps that can help you save time and manage all your social networks from one spot. We’ve sorted through the options and identified the coolest and most useful apps that will keep you connected to your connections, friends and followers.

TweetDeck  integrates Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, LinkedIn, Foursquare and MySpace in a useful column layout that helps you manage tweets, mentions, direct mentions, and popular Twitter topics. You can use TweetDeck on your desktop, smartphone and iPad. It also integrates photo posting and URL shortening services so you can post links to long URLs without using too much of your 140-character limit.

Seesmic  lets you update multiple services at once, including just about any social network you can think of. It also features dozens of plug-ins that turn your Web browsing activities into more social -- or just more convenient -- experiences. For example, the Zappos plug-in lets you see what your friends are buying. Other plug-ins let you navigate YouTube, listen to music, read and share your Google Reader feeds and translate your feeds into a different language. Seesmic works in Web browsers, on the desktop and on app phones.

HootSuite  helps organizations make social media part of their communications strategy, but it also has lots of features that everyday users will love. In addition to updating tons of social networks, it also lets you schedule status updates in advance, so you can announce news or events on a specific date and time even if you’ll be away from your devices. You can use the statistics features to see who’s clicking on your links and even upload files directly into your messages. It works on the desktop and on app phones.

If you’re looking to keep things simple, try Brizzly . It integrates just Twitter and Facebook, and it includes some of Twitter’s most popular features. For example, if someone links to a photo or video, Brizzly pulls those items into your feed so you can view them directly in the application rather than click to a new page in your browser.

Blog Integration
Want your tweets to automatically appear on your blog? All major blogging platforms, including TypePad, WordPress and Blogger, let you integrate your Twitter feed. Just go to  to get started, then consult your blogging platform’s how-to or help resources for instructions.

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