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“Google also debuted an exciting (if not a bit scary) OS feature for enhanced security: Face Unlock. In theory, the new OS uses facial recognition technology to recognize whether a phone’s owner is actually holding the phone. So, if a thief tries to open your phone’s lock screen, the camera will recognize his or her face as that of an interloper -- and shut out the would-be intruder.”

-- From Wired Gadget Lab blog, on a feature of the new Google Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich
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“It felt a lot like you just heard that John Lennon got shot, or JFK, or Martin Luther King.”

-- Steve Wozniak on the death of his friend and Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs

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“Going on Twitter to complain about the new Facebook is like complaining to your ex about your new girlfriend.”

-- Just one of the comments 360i analyzed about the ever-changing Facebook

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“Plenty of companies would love to get their hands on our wallets. But Google wants to go one step further: It wants to be our wallets. Its new phone software, called Google Wallet, is intended to replace the credit cards in our actual wallets.”

-- David Pogue ( blog), on the emergence of Google Wallet
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